The s6-portable-utils multicall binary

The s6-portable-utils program is only available when the --enable-multicall option has been given to the configure program at build time. In this configuration, s6-portable-utils is a multicall binary implementing the functionality of all the programs in the s6-portable-utils package; and the other programs, instead of being executables of their own, are symbolic links to the s6-portable-utils binary.


     s6-portable-utils subcommand subcommand_arguments...

s6-portable-utils will run the subcommand with its arguments. For instance, s6-portable-utils s6-seq 1 10 will run the equivalent of the s6-seq program, so this command will list natural numbers from 1 to 10.

Alternatively, if s6-portable-utils is called with the name of an existing command, it will run the equivalent of that command. For instance, if the /usr/bin/s6-seq file is a (hard or symbolic) link to the s6-portable-utils binary, /usr/bin/s6-seq 1 10 will list natural numbers from 1 to 10.